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    Exchange rate, weather


    о_Феодосии. I have visited for the first time in Crimea

    this year I have visited for the first time in Crimea, and I hasten to impart experience with those who flies there for the first time. Many of the councils resulted here will be useful to tourists not only to Feodosiya, but also in other corners of Crimea.

    As a whole, rest should tell has stood out simply superskim. Earlier I basically went in Sochi-Adler, and so in Crimea it was pleasant to me much more. Weather was excellent, zharishcha 30 degrees there are more. Sunbathing no more than 2 hours per day, for a week I have sunbathed and have burnt down, oblez some times.
    Well and in general, Ukraine - other country, a lot of interesting, is what to compare, and about what to talk to local residents. Has pleased the Ukrainian language: basically that they speak - all clearly, the truth, happens very ridiculously.

    At a trip to Ukraine for the first time, and to Feodosiya in particular, it is necessary to know some nuances not to impair a little to itself rest. On it I also wished to stop in the report.


    From Moscow to Simferopol the plane flies 2 hours, tickets are better for ordering for a month. The cheapest flights - from Vnukovo, but arrival time turns out not the most convenient - already towards evening that taking into account road to Feodosiya in any way does not approach. If to take tickets from Domodedovo it is possible to call at once in Istlajn, at them it is a lot of offices across Moscow and the same prices, as in Domodedovo cash desks.

    On an arrival in the airport of Simferopol it is necessary for you to fill a piece of paper about the purpose of your arrival which looks as an advertising leaf, but plays a visa role. Do not lose otryvnoj a leaf (it is required to you when will come back to Moscow).

    There and then at the airport, on an exit, be ready to a touch of local taxi drivers which as flies surround with clouds the arrived passengers. Better simply not to pay to them attention and not to get into conversation. All questions answer "-х=!" and safely walk to a bus stop that in 30 metres from an exit from the airport.

    uvlekshis conversation with the taxi driver, you risk to lose the considerable sum of money and to leave not there where planned. Thus you will necessarily convince that you have abruptly saved and in general to you has simply carried. Have also in view of that cost of a trip they to you name not in grivnas, and in grinah (but you learn it already somewhere in mountains, halfway).

    It is after the arrival good to have with itself about fifty in local currency (50 grn=300 rub), it will suffice you to reach Feodosiya. If with itself at you only roubles or dollars, change 500 roubles there and then at the airport on an exit. The course there, naturally, unprofitable, but in radius of several kilometres all the same is not present any exchanger.

    So, at a stop that in 30 m from the airport, you embus (a fare: on private - 1 grn, on state thive - 0,5 grn) on which you should reach to the central station (time in a way - 20 minutes).

    At the central station of Simferopol, also beating off from importunate taxi drivers, which "яю фхё =юёъх" will bring you to any place, you need to pass to road service station cash desks (which will be on the right in 30 m from a stop of your bus) and to buy tickets to Feodosiya (15-25 grn).

    On road service station be attentive, study the tickets: the departure time, number of your bus and seat number there should be specified. On all minibuses and road service station buses behind a windshield there is a leaf with a trip route (e.g., Simferopol-Alushta) and a departure time (e.g., 1420).

    Be cautious: on road service station the brigade shchipachej works. The scheme of a robbery the standard: on an input in the bus/minibus to you it is artificial create a small crush then from your pockets vanish a purse, a mobile phone and other valuable things. Do not put valuable things in pockets (even if they are clasped), hide them in inaccessible places!

    The road to Feodosiya occupies 2 hours, you come on road service station, street Fedko.


    Street Fedko - here it the main street having a rest Feodosiya. It goes along the sea, beaches and the railway. Go along it to city centre, i.e. to the right. Metres through 300 you will pass the small bridge through the channel, and here there will be a first pass on a beach. Somewhere in this area I advise to look for habitation.

    In a price private sector go from calculation for a bed - 5$/days. I.e. to rent a room with two beds there are $10. Luxury numbers with all conveniences (one-room with two beds) in private hotels stand about 40$/days.

    We with other after several hours of search have lodged in the private house, consisting of the separate input, two rooms, own kitchen, a refrigerator, a shower/toilet and TV in each room. All it for 30$/days (or on $15 from the person). The house - in 5 minutes from a sand beach, on street Golovina. The Same with European-quality repair as near to a beach, offered for $45.

    Habitation choice - a question painful enough. After the whole day the roads which have got tired, you are still compelled to loaf on a city, moreover with bags, and to select to yourselves worthy vacation spot.

    The mistress at whom we with a companion removed habitation, has left pleasant impression, and its phone at me has remained. In one street all each other know, and if not at it its neighbour will have a suitable variant. Therefore will decide to go, write in lichku. Ladies its phone.


    The local beach can be divided on galechnyj and sand. Sand is closer to road service station, and it is, of course, better.

    In July-August to the people it is a lot of, there's not an inch of room. On a beach there are umbrellas, under everyone on two plank beds. To occupy a plank bed there are roofing felts 6, roofing felts 12 grn/day. Do not wish to pay - it is necessary to be soared on the sun, well or it is possible to press a little paid, having taken a place in a shade.

    The sea at coast dirty enough. In metres 30 - anchor buoys, for them it is not recommended to swim away, since rush on water motorcycles and as I heard, to someone in this season raskroili a skull.

    If you would like on a pure beach and the sea I advise to visit the Gold beach. For this purpose it is necessary to sweep by the bus №4, 10 minutes to a stop 117. There it is valid 10 times less to the people and water is purer. Also people go in Ordzhonikidze, there something like wild beaches and mountain. But to reach dotuda not less a half an hour and with change.


    The most important thing that is required to you for all time of rest, it is a positive spirit. Also you soon will notice that:

    1. In Feodosiya it is much more having a rest girls, than men.
    2. The majority of them, on my supervision, percent 40, have arrived from Belarus (basically, from Minsk), 20% - from regions of Russia, 25% - local and Ukrainians and 15% - from Moskvy/Podmoskovja and Peter.
    3. It is better to be guided by visitors of having a rest girls, than on local or Ukrainians who once here lived and now come to relatives.


    It is better to be connected to a local network, having bought a package, for example Kievstar, for 50 grn. There are reduced rates for dialogue with Russia. Remaining in roaming, risk to lose a heap of money. For the first day of stay in Feodosiya from me have removed $20 for two calls on a minute and a little sms to Moscow. Actually minute of conversation with Moscow costs 1,5$/mines (including the entering!), plus they still take the user's payment.


    1. Clubs and discos
    Perhaps, the most popular clubs for having a rest is a Water world, the Baron, Africa and Arcady. All of them are on Quay. The water world was pleasant to me most of all, especially foamy party. Cool atmosphere, is the club drive. A baron - club only for sema, and absolutely shameless. Africa - is faster than cafe in the street, though more sated show, than in other places. Arcady - often happens it is hammered to the full, and too reminds cafe.

    2. Excursions
    Choice enough big - more than 10 excursions. I went in Caves and the Aquapark (in the Pike perch). Very much it was pleasant. However, in caves it was necessary to take with itself warm socks and footwear.

    Be ready to leave at excursion twice more than to you sellers will tell. Not only that tickets for excursion will appear twice more expensively (to sellers of excursions you pay only for the bus), in the bus can take from you 10 grivnas "Іъюыюушёхёъшщ ёсюЁ" 5 grivnas "фюЁюцэ№щ ёсюЁ" on 10 grivnas on a video shooting and on 5 grivnas on photographing, and can also to the driver on gasoline it is necessary to add.

    A food.

    On street Fedko, on the way to the centre without reaching a cinema Ukraine, there is an excellent dining room under the name "-шх=шёхёъюх ър¶х" where you it is tasty and will nourishingly feed, thus you do not risk to have problems with a stomach. Cost of a dinner from 3 dishes will manage in 15 grn.
    However, during lunch time there there are big turns, but they quickly move.

    Also it is possible to try local water-melons and grapes. At all do not buy a local domestic wine. This present g... And a poison.


    Souvenirs can be bought on Quay, on the way to the centre party. The main thing, do not do there expensive purchases, since the goods poor-quality. I have bought there a hookah for 450 grn, now I do not know where it to put, it simply stuff.


    At first we long could not understand that for exchange rates in exchangers. For example, roubles - 165:175.
    It appears, this quantity of grivnas for 1000 roubles: 165 (if sell roubles, i.e. a course 0,165 grn/rub) and 175 (if buy roubles). Change money in exchangers, do not contact local businessmen!

    Important point: in exchangers it is possible to bargain. You can easily receive for 1000 roubles on 5 grn more than is written on the tablet.

    the Author: Dmitry, Moscow
    It is placed: 9 09 2005
    It is seen: 2992 times ()
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