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    о_Феодосии. ' God forgotten '

    And here we in the third time in Crimea. This time, besides pochitav responses, have decided to visit one more family health resort Feodosiya. Horror you test at once coming on station, it a beach. Though from responses we also were ready, but to get used and it was not possible. The habitation choice was limited, and the prices have appeared above, than planned. The prices this year were above across all Crimea, local said that such quantity of visitors was not already from a Soviet period (with 198 … any year). Only do not think that it because of improvement of quality of service. Simply many who wished to go abroad, had problems with OVIR. The hvalenaja quay and nearby is not necessary with analogue in Evpatoria, and I think that in the Pike perch. Despite its sizes (and it really extended), to fall in love in this chaos from the people rushing on all to a course of broken broken rickshaws and cars (cars driving about on foot zone) we and could not. It is finished by a decorative brick only in places. And so it is usual asphalt. On quay we have not found Any interesting institutions. Quality of kitchen leaves much to be desired (do not think that we have bypassed all similar institutions). The only thing, almost always were adequately fed with dinners in "+Ёшэтшёх". And two more times have well visited small restaurant "¦фхь" it is in area of Ry station. Have specially visited in praised by someone "+ыш-…рср". Well, I will make a reservation at once that we not fans to eat "эюуш under ёхс " (it there was a Tatar snack bar), but fortunately some little tables all the same for such unadvanced nevertheless were. As a result the kitchen has appeared very rather weak. About sanitary cleanliness in an institution, and especially in a toilet, in general I am silent. Despite a considerable quantity of the bars-restaurants, any entertaining programs it is few; Unless discos with frivolous dances of girls, moreover saw theatre of doubles, well and execution alive songs, frequently weak quality is natural.

    Having come the first time on a beach, we have understood what to lay down to us it will not be possible, to spread out a towel it was not represented to possibility. We so also have staid all, serially bathing. At once I will make a reservation, how I wrote above, probably such situation has developed only in this season. Purely sand beaches in the city are not present, all of them with a pebble impurity, and even at all galechnye. Pleasantly to walk and be run on a sand it is possible only on "Гюыю=юь яы цх". And it it is necessary to go by the car for a city, the truth, it is short (we stand. 15 grn.) . But has most of all amazed that on such extended beach almost and at all there are no even notorious bananas and scooters, without speaking about other water entertainments. Comparison with Evpatoria where, literally, you are attacked from different directions by competing commands arises. City beaches frankly dirty, thus urns on recalculation. Well and now the most important thing, to what I pay attention - the sea. It dirty. Visibility under water of all some metres. Except small crabs of living creatures almost any is not present. My assumptions about mutnosti waters that, probably, any current has brought such white impurity to sea water, have not proved to be true. Having driven off on a vessel from feodosijskoj bays, we were for the first and for the last time bought in pure water. By the way, if on "5" to ball system to estimate cleanliness of water, Feodosiya on "2" And here in Yalta in which called in per day, from us a four even nobody has risked in it in general to come, despite exhausting heat, were limited to douche from a fountain that on quay. In the quay beginning in Feodosiya (that at port or Ry station), through a beach runs into the sea and at all small river-vonjuchka with a specific smell. But even it did not confuse people who did not wish to huddle with all the others. Directly at small river, with not clear origin, sunbathed, and some daredevils and bathed. Like to float with a mask and in lastah – leave them better the house less to drag things it is necessary. Pictures of marine painters that on quay, art to name difficult. There are naturally pleasant to a look landscapes, but in the majority it is called "°шЁяю=Ёхс". Sustain we all it could only long lasting 4 for us a holiday money of day. Considering possible variants, have decided to go in Alupku: "Крь at least уюЁ№" - One of us (in Feodosiya mountains rather modest, therefore and impressions of them too modest) has told. Without doubting At all that the person having possibility to have a rest only of time in year, is worthy bolshego, we have left (it as in a joke: "-ёх normal abroad, well and we in -Ё№ь"). By the way, Feodosiya with Greek – "…юуюь фрээр " but we would rename in "…юуюь чрс№=ѕ¦".

    the Author: Alex, Sankt-Peterbu
    It is placed: 9 09 2005
    It is seen: 592 times ()
    A story Estimation: Not Bad

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