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    Seasons and public

    To Feodosiya come, first of all, for treatment. Adults and children. Come back from year to year in the same sanatoria, to the same kind careful acquaintances - to doctors and nurses. In general, anybody especially does not aspire to be allocated or make impression upon strangers, after all all are seriously occupied by own health. So here is more silent, than on JUBK. Treatment is possible all year long, but for some diseases there are adverse seasons (for example, August, when too hot, or winter months with their cold winds).

    In the settlements adjoining the Gold beach a season very short, and public rest at the sea interests only. In general, all is homogeneous enough and efemerno.

    In Koktebel public is more motley and pozanjatnee. It is Enough to tell that here hundred years exists huge nudistky the beach which never officially in any way not designated and has been not recognised. At the time of Maksimiliana Voloshin (and under its leadership) nudists arranged here fights with police, in a Soviet period they had to suffer and round-ups of militia and an attack local "т№ёюъюьюЁрыіэ№§" hooligans. However last in Koktebel simply are proud years of twenty nudists, anyway, to their money here are glad.

    However, resort development of Koktebel has pushed aside from the House of the poet that public for the sake of whom Voloshin started all the "яЁюьюѕ°э". The spiritual centre of Koktebel, on-being, made it from a dirty aul a world famous resort, the House of the poet - somewhere somehow keeps something in a powerful stream "various that" who "in idle vanity" arrives here. The house of the poet and a nudist beach are torn far off from each other, fenced off now by sovok boarding houses, let even quite zelenenkimi and arranged well - unless them in the dreams saw here Maksimilian Voloshin and his brothers and sisters on the Silver age?

    For public from boarding houses at walls of the House of the poet trade in heaps of the Vietnamese and Pakistan nonsense? But here and unique (and inexpensive) ornaments from karadagskih semi-precious stones, mitkovskie and rastamanskie baubles and absolutely unexpected bagatelles.

    The Note: "ьш=іъш" - informal cultural movement of youth of big cities of Russia 1990th years, developing traditions of hippie and punks, but especially on Russian national basis.

    "ррё=р" - the cultural movement based on a mix of Christianity and the African cults, music ska and a reggae, marihuana smoking. A flag and in general colours rastamanov – yellow, red, green, symbolise pleasure of a life in harmony with the nature. Rastamany are allocated also with the long hair which have been brought down by means of wax in dreadlocks, picturesquely sticking out kosmy. Mitki and punks usually put on in black (when put on). Hairdresses love from long hair, but with the shaved sites (more all is known a hairdress "шЁюъхч" with a crest sticking out upwards and highly smoothfaced temples). Hippies prefer the blue jeans used up to a whiteness and long hair without hairstyle traces. Buying souvenirs, please, do not confuse styles. Or at least ask that mean colours and a drawing.

    Happen here both known artists, and musicians, and poets write the verses directly on cafe walls. And even very nice jazz festival is held.

    The Main counter of seasons 2004 and 2005 - combination of advertising of this nice place and its main product: "Koktebel - the country of cognacs". Television rollers twist all the winter long and spring on channels of Ukraine (about Russia I do not know, probably, and there). Standard guide signs from Simferopol and Feodosiya convinced of the same: in any way it not Voloshin's country - Kimmerija and not "Edge of blue tops". Only the country of cognacs. To what not without taste the arch twisted by forged grapevines on entrance monumentally testifies.

    Cognac in a general diet is not especially allocated. More likely all the same quite good koktebelskie ports and more than quite good dry wines. Sweet and viscous sweet wines drink at night. Many prefer to spend them directly on a beach, left after itself eloquent pyramids of empty bottles. In Koktebel they can be stacked beautifully and even in the certain magic image ("God grant, not last"). Well and, of course, the rivers of the Ukrainian beer. It deserves that. And here the rivers of the Ukrainian vodka on heat...

    Probably, all the same advertising of Koktebel went on the Ukrainian TV more. Vodka public prikatyvaet much more, than konjachnoj and wine.

    At campings in August dust heaps rise, and "the wise" habit to spoil exclusively on footpaths (a grass here high and rigid) also matches image of the country of cognacs a little.

    Well it so, popularity costs. Such number of public interesting, amusing and creative by nature as here, anywhere any more you will not meet.

    The Season in Koktebel comes to the end with small tourist fair "Mountains, wood, the sea" in the end of September. Last year it has been combined also with a wine holiday. Beaches and settlement were already empty, but in vain, September still quite pleasant time. Especially for those who loves Koktebel for possibility much to walk, for open space for a sight and spirit.

    In Karadagsky reserve, and especially tourists and tourists arrive to its Delphinarium all year long. But the summer season is, of course, richer impressions – on beaches and pljazhikah at Karadaga remarkable bathing. Sea walks are possible only in a warm half of year.

    Well and absolutely special public is flown down from all post-Soviet territory, and from countries of Western Europe in the Fox bay. Hippies, mitki, rastamany, psychics and other nonconformists enjoy here harmony with the wild nature plunging into wild life specially thought up for. Among them the whole generation of kiddies which their mothers gave birth directly in water of this bay runs stark naked.

    Igor Rusanov

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