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    Belogorsk and Ak

    Between Feodosiya and Simferopol there is Belogorsk, and near to it the well-known White Rock - Ak , the most beautiful file of the External ridge of Crimean mountains. Almost hundred-metre steep breakage of limestones towers on the conic basis white mergelej, cut up by deep ravines. Dried up, but the romantic landscape close to cretaceous prairie, has given the chance in the Soviet cinema almost half a century to remove here westerns and adventure films: "-ёрфэшъ without уюыют№" "-юсю" etc.

    In the Summer archeological excavations (tens parking of the primitive person and Scythian barrows) also are now conducted. In career above, on a rock plateau it is possible to find a fossil spark teeth and other entertaining geological souvenirs. And huge steps after cutting out of blocks of limestone remind an amphitheatre of giants.

    In sredyonie veyoka Ak byyola meyostom kazyoni. NaYOrodYOnaja payomjat soyohrayoniyola preyodayonie that on this skayolu dvayozhyody priyovoyodiyoli moyoloyodoyogo BoYogdaYona HmelYonitsYokoYogo, pleyonenyonoyogo in 1620 goyodu. On glayozah at not it on rasyopoyorjayozheyoniju muryozy JaruYosa — meyostyonoyogo feoyodayola — sbrayosyyovayoli plenyoniyokov, dayoby zayostayovit BoYogdaYona poyotoyoroyopityosja with vyyokuyopom.

    In 1782 prince G.A.Potyomkin accepted on the White rock from Crimean baev and murz an oath of allegiance of the Russian empire. And a bit earlier, in 1771 A.V.Suvorov nagolovu has broken the tatarsko-Turkish army the ancient Suvorovsky oak growing and now among an orchard became which witness of capitulation at its bottom.

    The Crimean Foothills are remarkable the gardens and wood berries, and also unusually tasty spring water. Local the markets - at villages Rich, Spring, Topolevka - a true pleasure for the traveller.

    East part of the Main ridge of mountains Krymkih, on the contrary, are not so favourable to the person.

    Karabi-jajla - the most deserted place in Crimea and in Ukraine, possibly, in general. This hilly plateau uplifted more than on 1000 metres to the sky. It is covered by karstic funnels and penetrated by a myriad of caves, wells and mines. In the Cadastre of caves of their Crimea it is described 128, but each cave explorer dreams to find the - and it occurs!

    Karabi conceals also riddles of ancient contacts to aliens: the huge figures reminding butterflies, are laid out on a grass by calcareous blocks - but drawings can be distinguished only from flight height (and from space!), and here the second image petroglyphic, the person operates the mechanism from three correct forms wheels, or gear wheels, it, on the contrary, is hidden in one of caves.

    The nature has created Karabi as secret posadochkuju a platform. Anyway in days of the Great Patriotic War here there was a main guerrilla airdrome.

    Here always the wind, and weather varies every second. Only fans of caves here come, but even from them Karabi annually selects to itself some victims. The local fog creates the same unreal and frightening sensations that are described in the Bermudas triangle. On 100 square kilometres is not present either waters, or habitation, except a meteorological station on which the post of mountain rescuers is left now only.

    On the north from Belogorska, on the contrary, population density (and rural) and economic osvoennost the earths are unusually high. It is a so-called zone of the North Crimean channel with the most intensive cultures on the irrigation earths: vegetables, rice and others grain, gardens and vineyards. In 70th years here it is created much pereselencheskih villages, but from an extreme antiquity fertile valleys of the rivers Karasu and Salgir are mastered.

    Igor Rusanov

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