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    the Review of beaches and parks

    At Feodosiya the Main ridge of Crimean mountains absolutely comes to naught, the climate is deprived also a hint on subtropics, but 15 kilometres of a wide sandy beach from the ground bowls (in the country it free though is called as Gold ), a flat bottom, rare storm and steady solar weather - all it does a city by an excellent place of family rest. Duration of solar light in a warm half of year здесь1865 hours, it is less than in Sevastopol, but it is more than in Yalta. The swimming season for adults lasts from May, 23rd till October, 15th, for children from June, 2 2nd till September, 3rd. About three weeks of a children's season can drop out because of storm or cold "=хёхэшщ". "The Velvet season" here is much shorter, than on Southern coast, though at a foot of mountains in protected from a wind "ёъютюЁюфър§" sunbathe and in October.

    In the western part of the earths of Feodosiya, on the agrofirm earths "-юъ=хсхыі" beaches more various. From borders of Sudaksky area from cape Meganom there is a present coastal desert. Only in the Fox bay it quickens thickets silvery loha directly on a beach from grey sand and small gravel. In the sea, the truth, very many large stones so to enter into water it is necessary very cautiously.

    The Coastal track results in the Otuzsky valley further, is more exact to a bay in its lower reaches. Excellent beaches from large grey sand with an impurity of small gravel are at breakages of the western part of a valley. And in the centre – artificial beaches with concrete breakwaters of boarding house "-Ё№ьёъюх Primorski Krai ". Over a beach – concrete quay with beds of magnificent roses, and boarding house buildings are surrounded by pleasant spacious park.

    Even more interestingly (and age is more solid) dendropark the Karadagsky biological research station, rare trees here are supplied by metal tablets with the botanical information. The biological research station beach consists of very large pebble, and water is very transparent. During a storm on a large pebble not absolutely simply to keep balance.

    Among stone miracles of an ancient volcano the Penalty-dag set of small bays with very pleasant melkogravijnymi grey beaches. Naturally, it is a lot of on these beaches and bright galeki. Having bought the ticket on so-called "ьрыѕ¦ ecological =Ёюяѕ" it is possible to luxuriate also on fantastic beaches karadagskih bays: Frog and others. And on a boat it is possible to land on unapproachable pljazhiki bays of Barahty and Serdolikovoj.

    The Spacious arch Koktebelsky bays lasts from the Penalty-daga to cape the Chameleon. A beach which once consisted almost entirely of a bright pebble, last 150 years were carried actively on souvenirs by all true experts and judges. The beach has disappeared in the meantime. Now filled artificial, leaning against concrete quay.

    When you lap in koktebelskoj to water all Southern coast of Crimea with its popularity seems simply a reservation for snobs. If and to bathe, only in bays of Koktebel. Actually it is a lot of them and all different. Small soft sand which lies at the bottom with depths on a belt, and sometimes is especially good and comes across ashore.

    Not all like an artificial whitish pebble - on beaches of boarding houses and on new Green-beach in the west of settlement. By a season of 2005 Green the beach has been essentially transformed. At water on all its length the flooring is made of boards and descents to water, and further to coast nasypan small golden sand. Then small concrete quay with cafe and other serving institutions. From natural beauty a little that remains, but to have a rest comfortably.

    Small pleasant gravel on nudistkom a beach in the east. Everywhere extensive shoal, but concrete breakwaters for jumps water is only in the west.

    At the western slopes of cape the Chameleon koktebelsky the beach gradually comes to naught. The local bay carries the name Dead. Probably, that here never shtormit, and can because of a smell of hydrogen sulphide and rotting of seaweed in stagnant water. Here some exits of blue clay, and in general to the people pass much as to round cape on coast much faster and is easier, than on top where it is a lot of ravines and loose slopes.

    On the east from cape the Chameleon tremendous sandy beaches of the Silent bay, the French beach, and further away - some bays and a huge sandy beach of Ordzhonikidze. Everywhere it is possible to pass on coastal paths, on rocky capes, the truth, around on water, always very quiet and tender.

    All beaches free and behind small exceptions the popular.

    Always the small breeze, therefore neither flies in the afternoon, nor mosquitoes does not happen at night.

    Igor Rusanov

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