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  • Cанаторий ' the Wave '
  • Sanatorium ' Rising '
  • TSVS
  • ' the Blue gulf '
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  • ' the Crimean Primorski Krai '
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  • Base of rest ' Ah-petri '
  • the CURRENT ' the Gold beach '
  • Base of rest ' the Penalty-dag '
  • Base of rest ' Ljubava '
  • Base ' Primorski Krai '
  • Base of rest ' Reasko '
  • B/o ' the Wind rose '
  • the DALE ` Scarlet sails `
  • the DALE ` the Birch `
  • the DALE ' Mountain '
  • the DALE ` the Dolphin `
  • DOCK ' Koktebel '
  • DOCK ' Morjachok '
  • the DALE ` the Eaglet `
  • DOCK ` the Planet `
  • the DALE ' Seaside '
  • the DALE ` the world Native land `

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    the Markets, shops, the review of local grades of fruit

    The Most expensive place in region is Koktebel, but even here fruit from the nearest vicinities in June and the beginning of July of time in two-three is cheaper, than on JUBK. By July them bring already through two three wholesale markets (the nearest cheap - at village May Day on highway Simferopol - Feodosiya). Only it is a lot of grapes, a good miscellaneous and not the expensive.

    As though "the Yalta onions" here sell from Old Crimea and settlement Soviet. Though it and is better usual, and under the form is very beautiful and bright, it nevertheless ostrovatyj and will not be compared in any way to onions from Zaprudnogo (Big Alushta) or Opolznevogo (the Big Yalta).

    The Economical people on the market go to Feodosiya. The big and convenient market is in the transport relation nearby to quay and railway station. Here a final stop of the majority of routes of public transport.

    The Most inexpensive market – in ShChebetovke. In settlement grows in addition and along a stream nobody collects a fig, and a cherry plum in general so it is simply showered, however, as well as a cherry.

    It quite suits the informal public walking from the Fox bay in ShChebetovku for koktebelskim by wine (besides it here for a factory price).

    However, ATTENTION: even here everywhere trade counterfeit "тшэрьш" from spirit, water and synthetic syrups. And, frequently the same people who sell to you irreproachable fruit, it is joyful vsuchivajut to you and the fragrant talker. And still ATTENTION: water-melons and corn not spejut naturally in July, especially in June! Their occurrence on markets – result of application of accelerators of growth and a considerable quantity of nitrates.

    Now about the main riches of edge.

    Igor Rusanov

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