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    the Basic grades of grapes on terms of their maturing

    Grapes Grades on the qualities (first of all to the size of berries and transportation and storage possibilities) share on two big groups – technical grades go on manufacturing of wine, juice, raisin; table grades are used in a fresh kind, move to a table. Of them also can do and compotes as such grades differ large berries and elegant clusters. Traditional Crimean grades of grapes are equally good both in a fresh kind and for preparation of wines, shcherbeta, bekmesa, grades without stones with very sweet berries are consumed and in a fresh kind and zavjalivajutsja on raisin.

    Table grades it is grown up in all natural zones of Crimea, except mountain plateaus. The Feodosijsky zone includes also steppes, and Foothills, and also unique valleys, therefore all main grades of Crimea and in general the Mediterranean region here are presented.

    For the technical grades going on preparation fault, microclimatic conditions are extremely important, therefore for the best wines the raw materials are grown up in very few places (about it more in detail in section about winemaking).

    Some economy of Crimea involve tourists in vintage, payment is thus conducted by a part of the collected crop. On the same conditions it is possible to agree and with "срсѕ°ърьш" which any more under force to reap a crop on the vineyard.

    Vintage, also as well as other fruits, it is necessary to conduct in dry weather, wet berries are inclined to rotting, and, except that, grapes can lower sugar content. It is necessary to keep pruinovyj a touch on the berries, providing their qualitative storage.

    For srezki clusters apply various knifes, scissors, secateurs which should be sharply perfected. The spoilt and damaged berries delete from clusters scissors with the blunted ends. Secateurs and scissors should be washed out periodically in water and dry to wipe a soft rag.

    At gathering simultaneously conduct sorting, displaying berries in two kinds of container (it before cleaning wash with soda and rinse water). The intact brushes stack in a box in one layer upwards chereshkami.

    For storage on a green rod it is cut out more thoroughly: two-three knots below a cluster and one above it. The bottom end of a rod place in a vessel with water, it is desirable distilled. For protection of water from damage there add a charcoal powder. Vessels establish in inclined position on specially made trays so that clusters did not adjoin to walls of vessels, among themselves. Trays with vessels can be placed in some circles. In process of evaporation water add.

    Now the basic grades as their maturing.

    Pearls Saba . The Hungarian grade. Usual term of ripening in Crimea on August, 4-9th. A berry average, roundish, white; a cluster average, weight 100-170 g, friable on addition, sugar content of juice of 15,8-18%, taste pleasant with muscat aroma.

    the Cardinal . It is deduced in California from the East Mediterranean grades. Ripens on August, 18-25th, but quite often gets to sale and earlier - immature, therefore try the most green by sight a berry in a cluster, and then buy (or not). The berry large, roundish, lilovo-red, reminds decent plum, a brush elegant and magnificent, large and friable, is powerful 210-470 g, sugar of 16,5-17,5%. The Cardinal in large quantities allows to eat not too luscious taste. From early grades it is best transfers transport.

    Chaush white . A grade of a Turkish origin traditional in Crimea, exclusively pleasant taste. Because of a thin thin skin and gentle pulp does not maintain transportation; it is grown up, basically, in court yard. A berry large, oval, white. A brush average (160-350, friable. Sugar content of 16-19%. Ripens from August, 22nd till September, 3rd. In a traditional Crimean economy the earliest grade – from here and its Tatar name "chaush" - initial, the chief, the first.

    Shasla white. the Ancient Egyptian high-quality grade. It is used in a fresh kind and on juice. Clean from August, 25th till September, 3rd. A berry average, round, white. A cluster average (70-120, dense or friable; sugar in juice of 17-20%.

    Tajfi pink . The Central Asian table grade going also on drying. Extremely effectively looks in compotes (in the big large bottles). Ripens on September, 19-26th. Differs exclusively large, oval and quite often angular, rozovo-violet berries - very beautiful and collected in huge to several kgs (600-700 g on the average), averages on friability of a brush. Pulp of berries unusually dense, therefore transportability and lezhkost their excellent. Sahara of 14-19%. 4-5 months are stored In refrigerators, the cluster remains elegant, but in berries can appear kompotnyj smack.

    Shabash . The native Crimean table grade going also (only in Koktebel) on vinomaterialy for port, madery and cognac. Ripens on September, 26th - on October, 1st, last of traditional grades, the krymsko-Tatar name "shabash" from which occurs also Russian "poshabashit", means end, the end, last, and does not concern witches. Berries large, oval, white, very strong - well transfer distant transportation and long storage. A cluster average on size (230-280), dense or average density; sugar content of juice of 14-19%. In refrigerators even after 5-6 months of storage of a berry remain fresh, elastic, almost do not change colour.

    the Isabella costs independently, without having accurate terms of maturing and the accurate high-quality description . it is frequent enough and in the most different terms it is possible to see on its sale black, covered with grey touch of a berry on a friable brush, with strong and such characteristic muscat taste and jellylike pulp.

    It is a separate kind of grapes - vitis labruska , in a wild condition meets in the North America. At the Isabella as at wild grapes, seeds give a life to new rods, and here parental properties are not fixed by anything, therefore selectors have left her alone, and in the description of grades do not give. Except the original form of sheet and the special taste, all the others varies largely so try. The isabella is good in a fresh kind (but it is pleasant not to all), gives the decent juice, quite good compotes, goes on fruit liqueur and a domestic wine. Wine only from the Isabella is considered heavy for heart, usual for red wines curative properties does not possess. Good wine makers usually add to it Moldova and other grades.

    Igor Rusanov

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