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    In general, acquaintance to winemaking of ancient Feodosiya can be begun with white dry wine

    Silvaner Feodosijsky ”, a grade of the Italian origin with some spice. Wine of light-golden colour differs fresh aroma and unostentatious taste satisfying thirst. Well to fried fish, seafood and a low-fat bird.

    the Factory of vintage wines "Koktebel" deserves a separate trip, however, it has some tasting rooms and firm shops, trade is put not bad. Rather recently it was allocated from "Massandry", and it is correct, as local places have more ancient traditions of winemaking, than on JUBK, and conditions allow to be engaged both dry, and sweet wines. Style of labels, and assortment of wines not so is bright and decorative, as at "Massandry", but is closer to classical European tastes.

    Quick expansion on counters of prestigious shops of chief towns of Russia and Ukraine European wines, has forced to expand assortment of dry wines seriously. Long since for champagne manufacturing in Crimea grew up a grade of Shardone, but only now it has become fashionable as high-quality wine

    Shardone Koktebel, a crop of 2000

    White dry vintage wine from a grade Shardone sustained of 2 years in oak flanks of cellars of "Koktebel" sharply differs from similar wines of all economy of Crimea the saturation on all indicators. Colour straw. On glass walls at wine rocking legs (thanks to endurance glycerine is formed) are shown. A smell bright, tsvetochno-spicy with an endurance bouquet. Taste soft, oily, with sensation of a fortress, with orehovo-almond poslevkusiem. A fortress of 10-13%. Moves to seafood: to mussels, shrimps, rapanam.

    In general Shardone is pride of France and in all its provinces shows the features, without having clear high-quality "person". It is indicative that in Germany import of rods of this grade is forbidden not to supersede from manufacture of Risling.

    One more known classical component of the champagne giving to it brightness, became in Koktebel independent wine on pleasure to those who protects the health and avoids drinks with carbonic gas

    Pino-Fran Koktebel

    Table natural dry red wine from a grade of Pino-Fran. It is developed only here. Colour ruby, transparent. Legs rare, fast, but equal. The grade is known for the unique bright aroma. Before recent time went only on manufacturing of expensive marks of champagne in which just and defined characteristic tone of grape game, fermentation of an overripe cherry. Taste tart enough, with easy kislinkoj and various shades of a grape thin skin and the begun to ferment cherry. In poslevkusii knitting tartness long remains. A fortress of 10-13%.

    Factory of endurance of vintage wines "-юъ=хсхыі" - one of the largest enterprises of the country: under shops 15 hectares of territory are taken away, and capacities are intended for single storage of 1 500 thousand has given wines. A pearl vinodelcheskogo economy "-юъ=хсхыі" - the most powerful in Ukraine madernyj shop.
    … Having passed in impressive heights of a collar, you get to the court yard set by colours. And from it - in unusually cosy greenhouse where within a year, like a rare orchid, grows ripe fragrant madera. Then, on a metal ladder it is possible to rise on a roof of the huge tank-tank, the magnificent kind on the dark blue-dark blue sea, on dark blue-dark blue mountains, and on opened madernuju a platform on which subsequently (after endurance in a greenhouse) flanks with wine luxuriate in solar beams as early as three years whence opens.

    Madera Koktebel

    Has all standards (a fortress of 19% and sugar of 4%) and close high-quality structure to Madere Crimean. It is better to spend their parallel tasting to understand an originality of Koktebel – a certain weight of pure gold. The high-quality structure koktebelskoj madery is hardly easier: SHabash, Sersial and Albilo; in Madere Crimean there is still Kokur and Rkatsiteli. Orehovo-konjachnye notes in koktebelskoj madere are clearer and osnovatelnee. It can not be pleasant, but if already it will be pleasant, seriously and for a long time.

    The endurance Producing department is located in a coastal hill. The numerous tunnels, which extent are reached at times by 120 m, on two floors within a decade were erected by the best experts "¦х=Ёюё=Ёю ". Today here in huge butah - the wooden flanks which volume exceeds 120 has given, silently doze fragrant divine "эхъ=рЁ№".

    Summer koktebelskaja public is any nonconformists from hundred persons and the large university centres, already strongly become staid and watching over health. The pleasant compromise for them – and to recollect a violent youth with its indispensable cheap port (then it there was an original poison!), and cheaply enough to enjoy remarkable local ports.

    Port white Crimean a crop of 1993

    It is widespread enough mark of strong wine which is made everywhere in Crimea from grades of Rkatsiteli, Kokur white, Risling Rhine and other European grades. I have decided to find out that 10 summer endurance gives. Unfortunately, colour, is more exact its transparency at wine ageing seldom remains. Port has got characteristic for madery the maladjustment, opaque opal mutnost, amber density. Legs slow, dense. Fruit tone in the aroma, typical for port, were added with easy gummosity. Spirituoznost it is bright enough, but does not irritate. Taste is much softer and masljanistej, than in simply sustained ports, sweet is not persuasive (9,5%), pleasant zhguchest (17.5%). Wine heavy and self-sufficient. Does not demand neither coffee, nor any meal. poslevkusie very long which spirituoznost leaves at once, and all fruit and resinous tone eventually are superseded only by grapes what happens in October, already fairly podvjalennyj on the farewell sun.

    The Main wine maker of factory "-юъ=хсхыі" Felix Periklovich Feodosidi. Its pride - such refined wines "-юъ=хсхыі" as "Крышёьрэ" to which the unique bouquet and amber colour gives a grade of grapes of Traminer, and also rather new, but extremely perspective "…рё=рЁфю -шььхЁшш".

    To try everything, there is a sense to be late here at least some days. Besides a huge beach and the tender sea, Koktebel involves romanticists with that here all bears on itself the press of the Silver age of Russian poetry. Maksimilian Voloshin – the artist, the poet, the archeologist, the big inventor and the rebel – accepted here in pre-revolutionary years of hundred creative persons for a season. Since then local wines became an indispensable component of inspiration and a freedom. The touch of a certain classical luxury gives to it

    Old Nectar

    Branded sweet wine from a grade of Rkatsiteli which have been grown up in a steppe and foothill part of Crimea. Berries gather only at very hot and long autumn when they zavjalivajutsja directly on a bush and differ especially high maintenance of sugar. Such technology has been developed by institute "Магарач" and tested on rare wine “Cornelian of Taurida”, and then transferred to "Koktebel" and "Inkerman". So it is possible to spend comparative tasting. "Inkermanovsky" wine is more expensive, "koktebelskoe", as usually more densely. Colour of wine is dark-gold. In a bouquet are clearly expressed honey and izjumnye tone. Taste sweet, full, harmonious, oily. A fortress of 16%, sugar of 16%. Wine not especially requires any support – unless with low-fat morozhennym without napolnitelej and aromatizatov. To drink better the cooled.

    Improbable contrast with open space and luxury of the Koktebelsky bay the dark freakish bulk of the blown up volcano the Penalty-dag rises over it from the West. He can be examined from the sea, having made excursion by the steam-ship, or to pass through reserve on two ecological tracks: small and big. Well and then already to solve how much its character reflects

    the Penalty-dag

    The branded sweet wine made of a grade of Pino-Gri, grown up in state farm "Koktebel". Colour of wine is dark-amber. In a bouquet a light aroma of a rye crust. Taste sweet, full, harmonious. Term of endurance 2 years. A fortress of 16%, sugar of 16%.

    State farm "Koktebel" has still separate konjachnyj factory - in the east part, the Chameleon is closer to the sea and to entertaining cape. The cape really changes the light and looks very much "reptilno", with izivivajushchimsja a ridge on which dangerous enough track is laid. So cognac tasting should be spent not to, and after walks and in any case in the evening. The heat local does not assume a hard liquor in the afternoon.

    In general manufacture of cognacs has begun in Crimea with Koktebel. After the Great Patriotic War capacities with cognac from Bulgaria, received on reparations have been delivered. Many long years experiments have deduced factory on very high level and have made well-known local cognacs. "Kutuzov" with endurance middle age konjachnyh spirits of 25 years is especially expensive. But quite decently to finish tasting by a mass local product with all attributes of local uniqueness

    Cognac Koktebel KV

    Branded cognac from the spirits sustained in oak container on the average of 6 years, from grapes of Rkatsiteli and a mix of the white European grades which have been grown up on the earths of Koktebel. Colour from light-amber to is dark-amber with golden game. A bouquet mature, with tsvetochno-vanilla tones and tones of endurance. Taste soft, oily, with subtle shades kalenogo a nutlet. A fortress of 42%. Moves to the refined desserts, expensive chocolate, cigars.

    the Gold field

    One of the most well-known sweet wines of Crimea of the Soviet period. Now, unfortunately, it has turned to a collection curiosity. Vineyards for years of independence of Ukraine have been destroyed.

    Prepared from a grade of grapes of Alikant which have been grown up only in state farm "Гюыю=юх яюых".

    Colour of wine from ruby to is dark-ruby. Within 3 years of endurance wine prioretaet a unique bouquet with easy chocolate tones. Taste velvety, also especially pleasant for women.

    The Fortress of 16%, sugar of 18%.

    Wine of last crop (1991) has been sustained 12 years and poured by firm "-юъ=хсхыі" in 2003. Naturally, the bottle of such wine costs nedeshevo, about 20 dollars.

    Other centres of winemaking

    the Old Crimean winery almost is known to nobody, and meanwhile here make qualitative strong sweet wines and remarkable dry red wines, for example, the best natural wine from the well-known dessert grade of Bastardo. Local river valleys and their slopes since ancient times covered with vineyards, differ a special microclimate, with dry solar summer and in the soft winter.

    Bastardo Old Crimean - red dry wine, spills its Inkermansky factory of the vintage wines, the colour sated darkly-rubinogo, with dense aroma of black sweet grapes, in taste in the beginning only knitting both language, and gums tartness through which gradually appears grades of Bastardo rich tone.

    Cabernet Belogorsky winery (with. Zybino) - one of the best young red wines of Crimea. Colour typical for this grade is dark-ruby, transparent, and on light with typical ruby game. In aroma along with vinogradno freshness are clearly felt tone of wood berries. Taste opens against characteristic tartness of a grade also taste of the sweet ripe raspberry remaining and in poslevkusii. A fortress of wine of 10-13%.

    Igor Rusanov

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