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    Transport, habitation, a food

    Transport. Feodosiya is independent transport knot of Crimea. Here there arrive through trains from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Sumy, Lugansk and an electric train from Jankoi. The nearest airport is in Bagerovo (at Kerch), but it accepts not so many flights to arrive to the airport "Нхэ=Ёрыіэ№щ" more really; Simferopol and already therefrom to go on trip motor transport. A taxi from Simferopol - nearby 100 in July and 160-200 griven in the middle of August.

    Buses and fixed-route taxis from Simferopol to Feodosiya go from autostation "-ѕЁюЁ=эр " on privokzalnoj the areas. Bus or minibus cost nearby 20 griven from Simferopol. On own car it is possible to get to Feodosiya besides from Simferopol, through Jankoi (if to drive to Crimea from the north through Perekop or through Chongar) or through the Kerchensky ferry. The highway Simferopol – Feodosiya on the east from a city long and pleasantly goes directly along the Gold beach, and then departs from a coastal line. But also here indexes invite to new campings and private boarding houses in settlements Coastal and Seaside. Further away on the east to search for convenient beaches, and in general something interesting to tourism is not necessary. It is territory of operating military range, road disgusting, and a coastal line everywhere steep. Only at farm Southern it forms a small good bay with a shallow beach. But it will be not not justified in any way by two ten terrible broken road.

    Much more interestingly the western part of the earths of Feodosiya. To Koktebel (is more exact on the agrofirm earths "-юъ=хсхыі" which include resort settlements Koktebel and Resort and the central manor of an economy – settlement ShChebetovka), entrance actually two. One of them main, convenient, simple. From highway Simferopol - Feodosiya turn through with. Bulk. Cost of a minibus 5 griven from Feodosiya. As a variant, on the transport it is possible to drive and from the centre of Feodosiya by area Quarantine and the most beautiful cape Kiik-Atlama. Earlier this zone (settlement Ordzhonikidze) has been closed. Without driving to settlement, it is possible to go to Koktebel or to curtail (from old koshary) on the Silent bay.

    The Second entrance is not simple and a little known - from ShChebetovki (to it the Solar valley, the Pike perch, Sea, Alushta) on a card it looks a seductive route. Mountains on it not only burnt by the sun "kimmerijskie", but also covered with magnificent woods and utykannye fantastic rocks ridges of Echki-daga. Impression such that you pass some the European and Mediterranean countries at once.

    There is even a direct bus flight of Alushta - Feodosiya. But the road between Alushtoj and the Pike perch is very tiresome. Asphalt is good, but loops of highway do not allow neither to be dispersed, nor to relax. Effective, but not fast entrance can be from highway Simferopol - Feodosiya through Grushevku on the Pike perch, then through the Solar valley.

    The Interval of movement of public transport of 10-30 minutes since morning and till 20 o'clock. For all season some turns were observed only in second half of August and only on return departure.

    By Sea theoretically it is possible to get to Koktebel from Feodosiya or the Pike perch, having chartered the yacht or a boat, but it will be not transport, and overindulgence. Better, having located in Koktebel to make sea excursion at Karadaga, with obligatory disembarkation in Serdolikovoj to a bay (on it owners only several teplohodikov have a special permission from a reserve management so before landing make sure).

    Habitation . It it is constructed last years so many that even in the first decade of August, with unprecedented since 1980th years a stream having a rest, posters at road offered also "tents", and ellingi, and apartments. Only in boarding houses of places was not, however, in July or the small company it was easy to family to lodge and in boarding houses with the price nearby 80 griven from the person with 4-rahzovym a food. June in general was quiet and cheap.

    In the Feodosiya, is more exact at avstostantsii classical Soviet "ъѕЁ =эшъ" - a wooden verandah with cots on an armour-clad grid (+ a toilet of type the toilet in a court yard) in June surrenders for 8-10 griven from the person. And it from a beach through road!

    The Big rupture in comfort of habitation is not present, but pay to itself of attention some new magnificent private constructions.

    In Koktebel the German case of tourist's hotel "Primorski Krai" (it is constructed and equipped entirely by experts from GDR from local materials and the equipment) and the first case of boarding house "Blue wave" with kinoshno-beautiful pool is very good.

    Set of beautiful private boarding houses as mushrooms grow and at the Gold beach.

    a Food . 8 griven for plov, 12-15 griven for a pizza in 300 grammes and 30 griven for any chop with a difficult garnish without special scope in the prices and assortment. Along all beach strip a solid wall kafeshek in each settlement and even in the Fox bay (there, the truth only on central trading pjatachke and in steam of flood gullies. Cafe, basically, with krymskotatarskimi trestle beds (wooden floorings with low little tables) where having a rest recline, having thrown off slaps, on pillows and carpets. The dessert everywhere began to be accompanied by a hookah.

    Igor Rusanov

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