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    Resort factors

    the Sea is the main thing behind what go in Crimea, it defines softness of its climate, surrounding peninsula from different directions, leaving only narrow communication with continent. Black sea has salinity 28 promille, hardly more low than in Mediterranean sea and the World ocean. It means that water not such dense and it is pleasant to dive into it from any height. Salts on a body operate without irritation and, in general, special necessity to wash off them is not present. the Black Sea water has much in common, on salt structure, with blood and a lymph of the person. All vital microcells are acquired at bathings directly through a skin, the metabolism improves, trains cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the vitality raises, the organism becomes tempered . In comparison with more southern resorts Crimea wins that water usually does not get warm above 24 degrees With and always gives vivacity. However, in August, especially on shoal, water can be to have temperature and on one-two degree above. Then necessarily bathe in the evening or at night. In warm water shone seaweed noktiljuka (nochesvetki) extremely becomes more active. Their fluorescence (a cold neon luminescence) occurs from sharp movement of water. Try! Impressions unforgettable.

    Unpleasant for having a rest feature of Black sea are summer sgony warm water – " nizovka " or " a cold current " when warm water is driven away by a wind from coast, and from below rises cold 8-12 about S.Eto the crystal-clear waters storing in still cleanliness and power power of the Great freezing of Europe. The sea these days especially beautifully, and fish is caught by itself. However, always it is possible to choose coast area, where water during this moment warm .

    Water Coolings never happens on sea of Azov . Salinity here even more low. But its shallow gulf has Sivash very concentrated rapu - so water with the high maintenance of salts is called. It is used for chemical manufacture, and in separate sites of Sivash for the medical purposes. Just they adjoin the Kirov and Lenin areas nearby to Feodosiya. The beaches of sea of Azov nearest to a city are at village Kamensk.

    the Medical dirt and rapa salty lakes . To the east of Feodosiya there are some small and large salty lakes which it is accepted to name estuaries (from an Ancient Greek word "ышьхэ" - a gulf, during antique times many of them were sea gulfs and flooded ustjami the ancient rivers). The majority of them very small, high speed of evaporation of water and temperature create here extremely high concentration of chemical substances and microcells, including an organic origin. Medical practice of their successful use for treatment of the most difficult diseases, traumas and wounds totals more than 3 thousand years.

    This dirt velvety to the touch, oily, viscous, black, with a hydrogen sulphide smell (that not especially pleasantly also reminds rotten egg). Into its structure enter okisi gland, kalija, magnesium, calcium, sodium salt, kalija and many other elements.

    In sanatoria of Feodosiya and health resorts of Koktebel medical procedures are spent with use of a dirt and rapy Old lake. For complex treatment of diseases of the top respiratory ways and nervous system, an internal and digestive system aerotherapy and mineral waters "Ихюфюёшщёър " are used klimatoterapija; and "+щтрчютёър ". It is natural thermal hloridno-natrievaja water, its temperature in a source makes 40 degrees S

    The Majority not especially suffering from problems with health having a rest use a dirt independently. The most usual picture – people in black "яхЁёр=ър§" and "ёряюцър§" from a dirt. Really, such procedures are good from articulate pains, and is simple for strengthening of joints. More difficult diseases demand already art of doctors.

    CONTRA-INDICATIONS for mud cure: sharp inflammatory processes, a tuberculosis, tumours, myomas, fibromiomy, kisty jaichnikov, nephrites, nefroz, postinfarktnoe a condition, hypertensive illness II and III stages, a hemorrhoids, expansion of veins standing. Even if you it is absolutely healthy, it is not necessary to play the fool simply, having smeared with a dirt from head to foot, especially on heat. For photographing it is admissible not longer 5 minutes, and then at once wash off a dirt in the sea or under a shower.

    The water of estuaries Sated with salts name rapoj. The maintenance of salts reaches 200 g/l, almost in 10 times above, than in Black sea. Such water perfectly deduces harmful substances from a skin, treats fungoid diseases of a skin, releases it from ekzem and allergic reactions. After bathing or circulation on estuaries it is necessary to be washed at once in sea water. It is simple, as with amye the best beaches are formed by lake rerashes. In the protected bays very small, and water gets warm to 17-20 degrees already by May holidays. Large golden sand consists of the ground bowls. On beaches to the east of the Gold beach to sand small gravel ( gravel - okatannye stones in diameter to 2 centimetres), biases of a bottom at such beaches always is added more abruptly and arrange adults, than children more.

    Circulation barefoot is also original massage of points on the stop, connected by nervous fibres with heart, a liver, kidneys and other important bodies. Go and run barefoot on the heated naked children and on wet sand in a surf zone, begin with a soft sparing covering, and then pass to sharp large shelly sand, on a large pebble and, at last, on neokatannyj rubble of park paths.

    Sand baths - ancient medical means for patients and entertainment for healthy. The best time "to leave in sand" 10 - 12 o'clock in the morning when sand gets warm to 40 - 50°С. Sand in regular intervals and long enough gives the heat, stimulating oxidising processes in an organism and promoting improvement of work of kidneys.

    Blue clay

    It meets in breakages of ravines and sea coast of many places of east Crimea (for example, in the Fox bay below Echki-daga on border of the earths of the Pike perch and Feodosiya, in Koktebel in breakages of the Dead bay and many bays at Ordzhonikidze), and also in Foothills. Its Turkish name – sapun, and can be a Turkish word sapun occurs from clay which from an antiquity was taken out from Crimea …

    It Is appreciated instant cosmetic effect for a skin and hair in a combination to sea water and solar warming up. The power conceals it in itself of force of volcanic eruption is the ashes processed by a tsunami. The most beautiful cape almost entirely consists of it also the Chameleon in Koktebel. The most popular entertainment there – to get dirty with clay and to walk on a beach. Is better in Koktebel and to learn at experts as it to extract and apply.

    Now it is short – that this such and as it is applied.

    Blue clay, or kil, keffelit (from Keffe, the Turkish name of Feodosiya), sapun, - wax-like, light green or zelenovato-grey breed. In a dry condition easily crumbles, in upper cuts appears through. A break surface soapy if it to wet a saliva or water. At prokalivanii turns to a good tooth-powder.

    At soaking by water increases in volume. That is it is impossible to blow up a dam made of such clay (for example, it it is a dam of the Simferopol water basin) – clay becomes from water heavy and viscous.

    The Mineral with the intricate name montmorillonit, forming blue clay, differs a mobile crystal lattice. Surprising absorbing, bleaching, medical and other original properties kila long since apply to linen washing in sea water (by the way, in mountains and spring water rigid enough because of the dissolved calcium). It is good kil and for clarification of wines, fruit juice, in the medical purposes, for manufacturing of soap and tooth-pastes.

    Masks for hair, a face skin and a body in a combination to sea water and heat of solar beams directly on a beach give tremendous effect: soften and tone up a skin, clear from ugrevoj rashes, bleach, smooth wrinkles. They possess anti-cellulite, antibacterial and antistressful action. During present time with difficult and obscure allergic influences, that blue clay only for two sessions (this my achievement) has eliminated painful enough and strongly pronounced ekzemu is important. It acted as years at the child on search with fruit candy (and is faster on food dyes and additives to it).

    However, not the superfluous will tell and about contra-indications. These are diseases of cardiovascular system, a thyroid gland, a tuberculosis. But blue clay will be not not prevented by massage, movement and physical activities, bathing. Only do not make laugh her to wash off, it is important, that its action was combined with heat, serious potootdeleniem, stimulation of biochemical activity of cages, rassasyvaniju inflammatory processes t to antispasmodic action. Clay should dry up completely on a skin and start to be showered itself. Then it is already possible to be washed in the sea and to feel unusual vyglazhennost the skin.

    Igor Rusanov

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