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    the Children's improving complex ' Morjachok '

    The camp Building is located in 150 metres from the sea, in fine and compact settlement of city type of Ordzhonikidze at coast of the Koktebelsky gulf which closes a unique geological monument - an ancient extinct volcano the Penalty-dag.

    The Wide sandy children's beach and coastal shoal will make rest on water not only pleasant, but also safe.

    In case HOK "Морячок" 5-6 groups of children simultaneously can settle down, here there are all conditions for high-grade and improving rest. Sleeping rooms on 3-4 places, and for small children - on 5-8 places.

    In a case building there is a dining room, washstands, per capita and toilet rooms.

    Round the clock children are under supervision of benevolent, attentive tutors, leaders, nurses. For unexpectedly ill children there is a medical insulator.

    Are provided weekly bannye days. One of types of service is high-quality washing of replaceable linen, and also children's.

    The Camp is located in well planned territory with summer verandahs, small athletic field, a music hall in which, except entertaining programs, children have possibility to look children's transfers, video films, to play on computer prefixes. At leisure skilled organizers of children's leisure spend entertaining thematic programs, games, attractions for children, will organise excursions in the city of Feodosiya, visiting a reserve and biological research station Penalty-Dagsky where show to children circus representations of fur seals and dolphins.

    For children is more senior 10th years one-day pedestrian campaigns by the Southeast part of the Crimean peninsula are spent.

    Under the direction of the skilled instructor of physical culture children daily are engaged in morning exercices about bathing in the sea in the morning and after a dinner, participate in sports holidays and competitions. In settlement territory - a corner of attractions.

    Carrying out of employment on interests, painting, ceramics, arts and crafts Is planned.

    Skilfully planned mode of day and rest of children, home-style prepared food, a fragrant batch, the daily use of vegetables and fruit will allow children to grow up and get stronger for one camp change that confirms a six-year operational experience with children coming on 3-5 times in a children's recreation camp of "Morjachok".

    The Schedule of arrival and permit cost is individually co-ordinated with the customer.

    the Address: 98174, Ukraine, Crimea, Feodosiya, Settlement Ordzhonikidze, the lane the Sick-list, 2

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