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    The Station in a city is directly in the beach and quay centre. It is a little unexpected, but getting to Feodosiya, at once it appear in the centre of all events and all temptations. To Quay all main streets with the best restaurants, hotels, shops will run. Here there are museums and architectural monuments, and also the modern centres of entertainments.

    -юё=юяЁшьхёр=хыіэюё=ш. In Feodosiya there are enough sights - as in any way the city has exchanged 26th century. They are located compactly enough. In the street Galerejnoj are the Art gallery of I.K.Ayvazovsky (d. 2) and A.Green's museum (d. 10), in the street Lenin – Museum of local lore (д.11) – one of the first museums of antiquities in the Russian province, a mosque the Mufti-dzhami (1623) and the Armenian temple of Sergija (Sarkisa) - here takes places XV centuries meeting of stone plates - lapidary in which the Genoa, Armenian and Turkic monuments are exposed. In Seaside park Konstantin's tower adjoins to I.K.Ayvazovsky's fountain (it is constructed in 1888 under the project and on means of the great marine painter) (1382 - 1448) - One of many, remained in a city after the Genoa sovereignty. The basic kernel of the Genoa and Armenian monuments has remained in a southern part of a city, in so-called Quarantine. These are towers of Krisko and Klimentina VI, Anonymous and Dock; temples of XIV century: Stefana, Grigory, John Predtechi, John Bogoslova.

    On the east from Quay causes admiration the whole line of magnificent country houses of the beginning of 20 centuries which is finished by the well-known summer residence of Stamboli.

    The Soviet period of nice city history reflects the Museum of hand gliding opened in 1990 (street of Kuibyshev, 12). Well and in a building of Museum of local lore the Museum of money, already in the spirit of values of revival of capitalism recently has opened.

    Celebrities. the Colony Feodosiya has been based maloazijskimi ellinami 26 centuries ago and periodically fell under influence that of Kherson, Bospora. To a city always carried on strong personalities. The Pontijsky tsar Mitridat V I Evpator built here in I century BC fleet for struggle against Roman empire. The biggest hill carries his name, but it is faster sad memory. It completely also has for ever cut down neighbouring oak groves. Already in a XIX-th century feodosijsky forest warden Zilber has undertaken huge efforts on restoration of woods, for example on a grief Perchem at the Pike perch, in Nizhnegorsky area and local valleys. Its attempts to restore unique systems of gathering of a moisture from condensation of sea breezes in huge stone pyramids were remarkable also. The genoeses owning these places in XIII - XV centuries, managed perfectly to supply with water for those times one of the largest cities of Europe – then it Kafa was called.

    The Crimean Armenians were the Basic population of a city, and they spoke in Turkic language, and on religion were Catholics. It was demanded by their business. The city was one of the centres of the Great Silk way. On it there has passed in due time and the well-known Russian traveller Athanasius Nikitin in the "+юцхэшш for three ьюЁ ". Language kumanov-polovtsev was the main language providing safety of a caravan in Asia, well and for trade in Europe protection of the Pope was necessary. It is considered that in Cafe the unique Kumansky code has been created - the dictionary and the arch corrected on international trade on the Silk way. Tjurkojazychnye Armenians became personal guards of the well-known prince Daniel Galitskogo and the first townsmen of Lvov, and local merchants have then appeared and in other fortresses of the Western Ukraine.

    "+хЁюхь" the Middle Ages there was zolotoordynsky khan Dzhenibek . In 1347 it has thrown the besieged city from catapults corpses of the soldiers who have died of a plague. Genoeses ran to Europe and became the reason of epidemic, carried away 75 million persons is a quarter of the European population of that time!

    In 1475 Kafa was is taken by a Turkish landing and has turned in Kefe. For riches and splendour a city Kuchuk have nicknamed (Small) Istanbul. On local nevolnichem the market the legendary Ukrainian by Roksolana , become by the spouse of the Turkish sultan and one of the most influential women in the history has been sold.

    The Hero of capitalism it is possible to name the local tobacco manufacturer Stamboli which magnificent summer residence still testifies not only to its riches, but also about excellent taste.

    The Native of Feodosiya Ivan Ayvazovsky (Ovanes Ajvazjan) remains to this day the world king of sea painting. It worked much and easily, without drunkenness and scandals, in atmosphere of envy of colleagues, love of the people and caress of the heads. For its open-airs built squadrons of the Black Sea fleet. But also force of imagination he created improbable on power, volume and detail of a picture of storm, sea battles, human despair or heroism in struggle against elements. Paid for them much, it easily did variations of the same plots popular in buyers. In 1880 it has constructed the art gallery, the first in Russia provincial, and bequeathed to its native city. To it Feodosiya is obliged by a waterpipe, the railway and present tourist popularity.

    Ayvazovsky's Person shows to us and a remarkable example of national tolerance. Its origin was very dramatic. At a capture of a Turkish fortress the Russian grenadier has pinned up Izmail a bayonet of the secretary of the Turkish pasha (ajvaz – on turetski the secretary, the clerk) and has already brought a bayonet over his son. The Armenian merchant from Lvov, seeing it, the boy the Christian has cried "І=ю=, I know it Ёюфш=хыхщ". The boy christened in Lvov and have named it Konstantin Ajvazjan. When he has grown, to it have married off the beauty the Armenian from Feodosiya. Both their sons became the well-known people: Sargis Ajvazjan – the known preacher, and Ovanes has received an art education in St.-Petersburg, but all forces has put on glorification of a native city, and 125 years ago has presented to it an art gallery, for those times the best in a province.

    He perfectly knew krymskotatarsky language and original musical culture of Crimea. In 1837 I.Ayvazovsky has informed composer I.Glinka three Tatar tunes, and soon they have appeared in Lezginke and in the Andante in the third certificate "рѕёырэр and -¦фьшы№". N.Rimskij-Korsakov and its pupils A.Glazunov and A.Spendiarov have been shaken and fascinated by unusual rhythmics of the Crimean music and also included its motives in the products.

    Ayvazovsky's Children have become related with families from the Italian community of a city. Some grandsons of the artist became artists – Lagorio, Latri.

    And its grandson Konstantin Artseulov , bypassing with etjudnikom vicinities, has found out unusual features of mountain Uzun-syrt over Koktebel. Here always there were ascending streams that allowed to test gliders. Then, in the beginning of the XX-th century they became fashionable simply as an eccentricity of the formed youth. Well about it a bit later, in Koktebel for now we will simply tell that Feodosiya was and remains serious scientific, engineering and industrial the aircraft centre, including easy, sports and entertaining.

    Not less than half of products the writer-romanticist Alexander Green (Grinevsky) has written in Feodosiya where he lived with 1924 for 1930 the Corner house on street Galerejnoj 10 at once attracts attention the relief image of the sailing vessel made at opening of a literary museum. Well and inside subjects and conditions of a ship life already original. They ljubovno are collected by the writer who has left voyages because of bad health, but continuing to carry away the worlds of readers. He has not been treated kindly at all by the Soviet heads as its heroes and places where they acted heroically, were not Russian and, is final, not the Soviet. In a present society immersing in the world of literary dreams, on the contrary, is welcomed, so "…хуѕЁр  on тюыэрь" "+ы№х ярЁѕёр" and the other things which were born on this unusual and it is valid, to the cosmopolitan earth, is more exact sea coast, are very popular.

    As early as two years of the difficult life, the last, A.Green has lived in Old to Crimea where the branch of its museum works.

    The Young hero of the Great Patriotic War-13letny Vitja Korobkov rastreljan Hitlerites as the scout of guerrilla group in 1942. His name names street and some child care centres.

    Celebrities of today, basically, marine painters and writers-romanticists who are inspired by unique landscapes and a nice city history.


    • the Code of international telecommunication +38 06562
    • Service of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies 3 20 96
    • It is mountain-life-saving service 7 15 73
    • a rescue Society on water 7 10 60, 7 13 71
    • Agency of air communications 0 06, 3 01 32
    • Ry station, help 005, 3 21 98
    • Road service station, help 7 10 52
    • M.Voloshin's House museum in Koktebel (Quay) 3 65 06
    • the Museum of sisters of Tsvetaevas (street of Kuibyshev 12) 3 65 06
    • A.Green's Feodosijsky literary-memorial museum (street Galreejnaja, 10) 3 13 09
    • Feodosijsky museum of local lore (Lenin's avenue, 11) 3 02 77
    • the Feodosijsky art gallery of K.Ayvazovsky (street Galerejnaja, 2) 3 09 29

    Igor Rusanov

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