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    the item Ajvazovsky, the Gold beach, the item Coastal, the item Seaside, h. Southern

    For many visitors of Feodosiya acquaintance to a city begins at autostation "Ихюфюёш " but it yet a city, and its suburb – station Ajvazovsky. At once behind ways and nearby not especially presentable railway warehouses the excellent sandy beach disappears. The attention and elegant Russian orthodox church to the areas at autostation (is more exact, it is autostation is constructed on the area at church) attracts. As a matter of fact, on it the narration about Ajvazovsky can and be finished. Beaches are sated by entertaining institutions. Are already constructed and continuously private boarding houses and the big modern hotels – expensive enough (15-20 dollars for a place with a breakfast), but anything superruinous are under construction.

    For trailering and improving rest remarkable conditions on a huge Gold beach to the east from a city and station Ajvazovsky. Here there is a set of bases of rest, campings, private hotels and summer residences. From the Gold beach further away on the east tourist development changes the face closed before garrison settlements Coastal and Seaside . There private boarding houses, bars, cafe, attractions and other with might and main are under construction, the blessing of a lack of beaches is not present, and shots have got in due time education in prestigious high schools.

    As regards a cultural life and excursions – all in Feodosiya. Though in itself history of the Soviet military and space technics which here developed and let out, it is very interesting. In due course, I hope, will be both excursions, and expositions, and can be and any demonstration landings on parachutes for lowered space vehicles or walk in the landing ships on an air cushion (local working out) …

    Settlement on the east from garrison Seaside, having a loud name Southern, at all settlement, and farm with two numbers of houses. They have even no fences and front gardens, as water imported. It is difficult to tell, for what purpose these houses were under construction, there can be something military, there can be a branch of fishing collective farm. Anyway now here only the small not equipped beach with extensive shoal. The road from Feodosiya very long also is broken through everyone some metres, it is necessary so to go near to it simply on a ground. Further on the east it proceeds to the closed garrison of the Russian Black Sea fleet. Between road and the sea there is an operating range of the Ukrainian armed forces.

    In general, unique sense and an occasion to visit local places – hunting. The Chaudinsky hunting economy of Lenin area has here the grounds. Judging by open spaces of steppes and boggy meadows here perfect conditions for birds, hares, foxes and other living creatures on which licence hunting is possible.

    From virtual advantages of local desert it is possible to specify that in one of bays to the east of garrison Seaside the first Soviet cosmonauts learnt to leave landers. Here tested also different designs of parachutes for these devices (them thought out and sewed in Feodosiya), and methods of detection of landers in difficult visibility conditions and storm, and also fulfilled interaction of different divisions and means for reception of cosmonauts aboard courts or helicopters. The bay now is called as a bay of Cosmonauts, but excursions to it are spent only by officers and the engineers directly participating in these nice affairs.

    Igor Rusanov

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