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    the item of Ordzhonikidze, the item Koktebel, Karadag, the item of ShChebetovka, Echki-dag and the Fox bay

    Places between Feodosiya and Koktebel have been coded not so long ago, and they are surprised the mysterious beauty even at daily visits. Leaving the western suburbs of Feodosiya, you see white domes of space station of tracking at ridge top, and below behind a semicircular line of a bay Two-anchor in the sea the cape Kiik-Atlama (the Jump of a wild goat) far stands out. Behind cape (if to speak precisely on its western slopes) the settlement by Ordzhonikidze is located.

    Except the most beautiful landscapes, thanks to Maksimilianu Voloshin, entered into mass consciousness as kimmerijskie, special sights are not present. The underground factory of self-directed torpedoes at the settlement, being in cape Kiik-Atlama bowels is not ready to an exposition yet (and it would be necessary - a construction not ordinary!). There is a good equipped beach with a strip of cafe and attractions, private boarding houses, children's camp and ellingi. The big base Kiev "-шэрью" is under construction;. Small, but the pleasant quay opens a kind on ridges of Koktebel and Karadaga, but the most part of public admires on them, climbing up on numerous footpaths local heights, porosshie a rigid grass and the opening all parties of horizon.

    Little-known, but for many very important, advantage of cape Kiik-Atlama - here always blows a wind because the cape far stands out in the sea. From here two consequence: never there are no mosquitoes and is always remarkable for sailing! The cape is combined from the several humpbacked tops reminding a watering place of dinosaurs. In the settlement consisting from Khruschev's pjatietazhek, there live many graduates of the most prestigious technical colleges of Moscow and Peter. In a combination with voloshinskimi landscapes it gives to local rest calmness and sincerity. The transparency of local water involved time and again here organizers of competitions on an underwater photo.

    Koktebel - resort (and can, bohemian?) settlement as a part of the Big Feodosiya. The Cook-tepe-ale on tatarski, - edge of blue tops. But with their colour there is something unique each instant and to each movement of clouds, therefore artists simply not in forces to come off this magic game.

    -юё=юяЁшьхёр=хыіэюё=ш. the Koktebelsky bay is very spacious and beautiful, its beach once consisted almost entirely of a bright pebble. Now filled the artificial beach leaning against concrete quay. In its centre is with erdtse and soul of Koktebel - the House of the Poet (ph. 3 65 06) M.Voloshin.

    Maksimilian Kirienko-Voloshin – the poet and the artist, has constructed here a summer residence in 1902, where veins together with mother, and then and with the wife. Sometimes left to Paris or Petersburg, and with 1917 already without quitting the place. He is engaged also in study of local lore, protection of original Crimean culture, publishing articles and guidebooks, conducts excavation of ancient settlement nearby, rescues white from red, and red from the white.

    Receiving to 400 artists and writers for a season, he has created a special style of life where creativity, the naturism, free love and philosophy were inseparable.

    Voloshin has transferred the manor to the Union of writers of the USSR. So the creativity House "-юъ=хсхыі" was born;. Has died in 1932 and it is buried at top of a hill of Kuchuk-Enishar.

    Fancifully twisted dirt roads conduct from Voloshin's Tomb to the edge cape the Chameleon . The constant wind does pass on a ridge of this stone monster really changing the colour with each change of solar beams and each cloudlet, the present extreme, but a stunning kind to Koktebel, Karadag, the Silent bay and cape Kiik-Atlama of that costs.

    Silent soaring over Blue Tops of bright paraplanes, gliders and hang-gliders as well as possible corresponds to spirit of ancient Kimmerii. The gliding museum is on Klementyev's (Uzun-syrt) grief, so important for aeronautics history, what even Hitlerite pilots did not bomb it. Uzun-syrt (the Long ridge - on tatarski) to the sea is turned by crescent breakage in the plan which collects sea breezes in the centre. Well and if a wind from the north, the east or the West it also gives rise to ascending currents. Beginning landscape writer Konstantin Artseulov, the nephew of artist Ayvazovsky has paid attention to it in the beginning of 19 centuries. And soon other hobby of Artseulova - the aircraft became the main business of a life, and on a grief gliders of all future great designers were tested: Tupolev, Antonova, Suhova.

    Celebrities. the Beginning to a resort was put in the end of a XIX-th century by academician E.A.Junge, the founder of Russian school of treatment of eye illnesses. Its successors have sold the earths to people of the circle. Here children's writer N.I.Manaseina, poetess P.S.Soloveva, the opera actress - M.A.Dejsha-Sionitskaja, outstanding opera singer V.I.Kastorsky are proved. Prior to the beginning of 1913 long there lived in Koktebel wife E.A. To the ship's boy Ekaterina Fedorovna. It was the daughter of the artist and sculptor Feodor Tolstoy, the vice-president of Academy of arts, and Lev Tolstoi three times removed sister.

    In 1888 Chekhov here has visited. In 1912 has got K.Trenev's summer residence, later (in 1915) - V.Veresayev.

    Certainly the House of the Poet was the dialogue centre znamenistoj. Except local public here there were writers Maxim Gorky A.Green and I.Erenburg, Bulgakov and Prishvin, sisters M and A.Tsvetaevy, artists Polevov, Petrov-Vodkin, Konchalovsky, Ostroumova-Lebedeva, Kruglikov, R.Falk, A.Benua, Latri, Lentulov, sculptors Matveev and Danko, composer Spendiarov, singer Zoe Lody and others. Long veins at Voloshin Alexey Tolstoy. The owner has built special bureau (A.Tolstoy worked standing) which has remained up to now for the visitor. Poetess Majja Kudasheva (the author of verses “In wood the fur-tree” was born, by the way), the future wife Romena Rollana was the friend of the family.

    In 1924 Bryusov stayed with Voloshin. Under its initiative in Koktebel original literary tournaments have been organised. Specially for Bruce's such tournament has written, in particular, the known poem "Рюыюьюэ".

    Within the precincts of the House of the poet have visited I.Selvinsky, K.Chukovsky, V.Rozhdestvensky, N.Zabolotsky, M.Shaginjan. Here, already after death of the master of the house, veins in the summer of 1936 writer Andrey Platonov.

    Well and stars of these days? Cinema, TV, painting, music... If you the expert on that the avant-guard, an underground, an extreme is called - simply look round around. Certainly, not all are easy for learning without clothes...

    Filmings are spent almost each season, but in a Soviet period, of course, them was more. "+ы№х ярЁѕёр" (1967), "-юэ -ш§ю=" "РхЁфчх фЁѕур" "Кѕьрээюё=і +эфЁюьхф№" "¦=ю a sweet word - ётюсюфр" "+юыютр professors -юѕІы " (the Silent bay), "-юЁюыш and -ряѕё=р" (the Silent bay, 1988), "¦ю  ьюЁ ёър" (1987). The film Most part "Охыютхъ from parkway -ряѕчшэют" acted in film in the field at the Silent bay near Koktebel where the plywood city of the wild West which have effectively burnt in the end of shootings has been built.

    Settlements ShChebetovka (Otuz) and Resort (Bottom Otuz) are in the west of the earths of Feodosiya between hills of Echki-dag and the Penalty-dag in a picturesque and fertile Otuzsky valley. Such beautiful rocks and so dynamically changing the outlines in process of movement on highway, perhaps, anywhere you will not see. Actually, capital "ё=Ёрэ№ ъюэі ъют" is at all in Koktebel, and in ShChebetovke . The settlement stores in quite decent kind a heritage of the Soviet prosperity, and also some very amusing small streets old krymskotatarskih houses. To beaches of only 4-5 kilometres, therefore many having a rest prefer to rent rooms and apartments here. Very rich and accessible market, fine mountain air and silence. To Koktebel with its rough tourist life – 7 kilometres. Approximately as much – to the Fox bay with its settlements wild rastamanov. And mountain routes on a ridge of Echki-dag can suffice on all life.

    The Settlement Resort is known for the Karadagsky biological research station and the Delphinarium. Here from a Soviet period large health resorts are constructed some. Now to them the set of private boarding houses and ellingov was added. The largest health resort – "-Ё№ьёъюх яЁшьюЁіх" possesses good park and fine quay with beds of roses. On quay there is no trade, only an aroma of flowers and magic beauty of Karadaga. All temptations are restricted to the West from quay over a beach. The prices more low, than in Koktebel, and level are easier. The beach on western to bay edge is not cleaned. If for a long time there are no storm makes not especially pleasant impression an abundance of stubs and stuff.

    Along coast on the West it is possible to walk to the Fox bay. There public basically naked, but accurate, on a beach does not throw dust. In the Fox bay there are natural exits of cosmetic blue clay. Funny looks also central trading "я =рёюъ" bays where informal tourists are served exclusively by men from local Crimean Tatars. To the wives to trade among naked men they resolve. And here quite are content with that their customers are dressed only in piercing and tattoos …

    Igor Rusanov

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