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  • the DALE ` the world Native land `

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    о_здравницах. Boarding house ' Gold coast '. Rest was not pleasant absolutely

    I join other responses having a rest in boarding house "чюыю=ющ схЁху."+=ф№§рыш from July, 22nd till August, 5th. Rest was not pleasant absolutely. Initially problems have overtaken us with settling in numbers. During 4 (!) Hours for us could not prepare a room and issue us. It was necessary to one woman even kontavatsja for three days in a room of the cleaner without light and water. Do not trust the picture of boarding house represented on an advertising card. Now it looks absolutely in another way. All ragged and dirty. No cinema hall is present. The premise which should be as a matter of fact a cinema hall, is destroyed. Billiards too is not present. There is only a Table tennis for 5 grivnas. And small pool which have put recently. And that, for small children. For youth on all Coastal were raskidyny various discos and byr-restaurants, and here aged people missed. As to about a food in a dining room. Meal-poor. Grechka, a potato from bags (fast preparation), a slice pomidorki, soup and the Rigid peach. Bread and that gave everyone on a slice as in days of the Great Patriotic War!! Women did not gorge on even what to speak about men. Wives had to feed up them, and it despite the fact that what this year the prices for products have grown in 2 times. Hot water should be every day and 2 times. But was once only at 1,5 o'clock. There were days when in general nikaoj waters were not. In numbers were not cleaned in general! Only when we have approached in administration, they have deigned "ѕсЁр=іё " in number. There were also numbers Lux at boarding house, which if separately though in Tour agency about these numbers it was told nothing.

    the Author: rodinka
    It is placed: 9 10 2005
    It is seen: 1982 times ()
    A story Estimation: Worst

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