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  • Cанаторий ' the Wave '
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  • ' the Blue gulf '
  • ' Gold coast '
  • ' the Crimean Primorski Krai '
  • ' Serdolikovaja a bay '
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  • Base of rest ' Ah-petri '
  • the CURRENT ' the Gold beach '
  • Base of rest ' the Penalty-dag '
  • Base of rest ' Ljubava '
  • Base ' Primorski Krai '
  • Base of rest ' Reasko '
  • B/o ' the Wind rose '
  • the DALE ` Scarlet sails `
  • the DALE ` the Birch `
  • the DALE ' Mountain '
  • the DALE ` the Dolphin `
  • DOCK ' Koktebel '
  • DOCK ' Morjachok '
  • the DALE ` the Eaglet `
  • DOCK ` the Planet `
  • the DALE ' Seaside '
  • the DALE ` the world Native land `

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    Entertainments, bars, restaurants, cafe

    entertainments, bars, restaurants, cafe

    Entertainments are monotonous enough (if not to tell, - are poor) in all that concerns as though the enterprise initiative. The Tatar cafes with criminal and pop Russian music of heart-breaking loudness and with a disgusting sound, karuselki-kachelki sovok times (the truth, in Koktebel the amusement park settles down at not sold by any miracle on scrap metal of an enormous air liner).

    Against it a remarkable oasis the entertaining complex "-ыѕс 117" looks; on the Gold beach. Very pleasant, sensible and inexpensive development of ideas kazantipskogo festival.

    Clear business, everywhere at beaches is all usual water entertainments (bananas, hydrocycles, yachts, surfing).

    Especially it is necessary to tell about paraplanes, hang-gliders, gliders and easy planes. Certainly, it not for everything, but all can admire on bright soaring of domes in brightly blue sky. And all should go on Klimentyev's mountain on excursion. Sometimes, at good ascending currents directly over a nudist beach it is possible to do some flying on a special paraplane together with the instructor.

    Besides one more objazalovka - sea walks at Karadaga, visiting of a delphinarium and dendroparka Biological research stations on its another, a West side. Walk on "the big ecological track" already will demand more health and good footwear.

    But again we will return on quay. At the House of the poet it is quite nicely arranged well on money of several known people of Ukraine and Russia, there is a lovely fountain (it seems with a hint on Alexander Green, the writer-romanticist who was not so on friendly terms, and is faster competing to Voloshin).

    Among cafe "Monte Cristo" with its sharks and decks is pleasantly allocated. Only here what it is all concerns Koktebel...?

    The Main entertainment (and not for money) here - to wander along the sea or to climb up neighbouring hills, first of all on top of Kuchuk-Janyshary where Voloshin is buried. Here and there, on uncountable twisted footpaths you see small groups of people. But the most amusing, perhaps, it when they go on a beach, covered with blue clay. Its exits are everywhere on capes, especially under breakages of cape the Chameleon. This ancient cosmetic means is called on a miscellaneous - kil, sapun, montmorellonit - is born from the volcanic ashes which got to sea water and have been splashed out on coast of a tsunami. Its power - only a theme for fashionable conversations, but clay in a combination to sea water and the sun deletes allergic rashes and minor defects of a skin without ceremony.

    Igor Rusanov

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